We're Redefining Cybersecurity for the Cloud Native Enterprise


Enterprise Security at the Speed of Software

Traditional cybersecurity is a slow and broken process, requiring security teams to manually create policies for software applications and rely on tools that attempt to catalog and identify every known threat in order to block attacks. This approach doesn’t work in modern cybersecurity, where software is delivered faster than ever before, and the concept of infrastructure has dramatically changed. This is where full-stack, full-lifecycle container and cloud native security come in, representing the future of modern cybersecurity.

Cloud Native by Design

At its inception, Twistlock was conceived to be the first ever purpose-built solution for containers and cloud native security.

Instead of seeing containers and cloud infrastructures as inherently less secure, Twistlock founders Ben Bernstein and Dima Stopel viewed the unique technology of containers coupled with the processes that accompany devops related practices as a unique opportunity to provide better, speedier security than ever before.



Leaders in the Cloud Native Ecosystem

Our team built the authorization framework in Docker and OpenShift and secrets management in Docker Swarm.

We were the security launch partner with leading platforms like AWS, Google, and Microsoft Azure for their container related solutions.

Twistlock CTO John Morello co-authored NIST SP 800-190, the Container Security Guide.

Our Cloud Discovery open source tool helps infrastructure, operations and security teams identify all the cloud native platform services, such as container registries, cloud native nodes across managed Kubernetes platforms, and serverless services used across your cloud providers, accounts, and regions.

Since its origins, Twistlock Labs has found 19 security vulnerabilities that were publicly disclosed, with CVE IDs that were allocated to NVD. The full list is on their CVE page. The majority of these vulnerabilities were in software critical to cloud infrastructure from OS level to applications that are commonly used, such as the Linux Kernel or Kuberentes.


Investments in Technology Innovation


16 major releases shipped, including over 340 customer requested features to date

At our inception in 2015, we were conceived to be the first, purpose-built container security platform

We hold over 20 patents, issued or pending

In 2017, we launched the first unified security platform for containers and serverless functions

Twistlock Labs have found 15 security vulnerabilities that were publicly disclosed

Twistlock partners with LSU’s Innovation Park to build out cybersecurity curricula, mentoring programs, and job opportunities

“Today, the KPI for a successful business is producing scalable, highly available global software with a competitive time to market. This requirement has shifted enterprise infrastructure and processes, which in turn, has shifted the way cybersecurity protection is provided.”

Ben Bernstein Twistlock CEO
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