Use Cases

Twistlock’s comprehensive, purpose–built platform for container security provides full visibility and control over containerized environments, with tight runtime security controls and intrusion prevention capabilities, at any scale.

Runtime Defense

Twistlock runtime defense protects your containers against exploits, compromises, program mistakes and configuration errors. We monitor container activities, detect policy violations, report anomalies and execute corrective actions. We do all this without changing your host, your containers, the container daemon, or your applications.

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Vulnerability Management

Twistlock scans container images in registries, on dev workstations and on production servers for vulnerabilities and mis-configurations. We detect and report vulnerabilities in the Linux distro, app frameworks and even your customer app packages. The scanning tasks are seamlessly integrated with CI pipelines and existing processes.

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Access Control

The Twistlock access control solution allows you to define and enforce fine-grained policies governing user access to Docker and Kubernetes resources. Extend existing policies or define net-new–our access control layer is both flexible and powerful enough to handle most enterprise use cases.

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With Twistlock, you can enforce standard configurations, container best practices, the use of trusted registries and recommended deployment templates. You will gain assurance that your containers environments wherever they reside, remain compliant with industry or company policies.

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CI Integration

Twistlock integrates directly into your CI process so you can find and fix problems before they ever make it into production. Our continuous integration provides native plugins for popular CI tool platforms like Jenkins and TeamCity and a standalone scanner you can use with literally any other tool or workflow you have. Our plugins allow developers to see vulnerability status every time they run a build, without having to run a separate tool or use a different interface. Security teams can set policies that act as quality control gates to ensure only remediated images progress down the pipeline.

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Security Analytics

Twistlock security analytics scans images and registries to detect vulnerabilities in the code as well as configuration errors. With security analytics, you can enforce standard configurations, container best practices and recommended deployment templates, wherever they reside, remain compliant with industry or company policies.

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