Kubernetes Security

Prevent Vulnerabilities, Implement Compliance, and Protect Your Clusters

For teams that use Kubernetes security for container orchestration, Twistlock ensures that Kubernetes security scales to meet the needs of your organization. Twistlock allows you to deploy fearlessly with the assurance that your images and containers are free of vulnerabilities. Twistlock enforces the Kubernetes security settings you need for regulatory compliance, runtime protection, and cloud native firewalls, so that you can secure your environment and networks from active threats. Twistlock is a Kubernetes Technology Partner.

Automated, Cluster-Wide Deployments

Because Twistlock itself is a cloud native app, you can deploy using standard Kubernetes primitives. Run Console as a Replication Controller, attach a Persistent Volume to it for storage, and automatically deploy Defender to every node with a Daemon Set.

Runtime Protection at Scale

Twistlock provides advanced threat intelligence and machine learning to automatically create and enforce security models — no manual intervention required. Models are created for every image that runs in every pod and are a comprehensive list of known good behaviors across multiple dimensions: process, network, file system and system call.

Implement Full Lifecycle Compliance

With over 300 built-in checks covering the entirety of the Docker, Kubernetes, and Linux CIS Benchmarks, Twistlock can automatically enforce compliance policies across the container application lifecycle. Import OpenSCAP policies to provide your own custom compliance rules and use our built-in templates for PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulatory regimes. View Compliance Explorer to see a real-time dashboard of your current compliance posture, history over time, and any non-compliant entities.


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