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Comprehensive Docker Security Solutions

Whether you are running Docker Community Edition or Docker Enterprise Edition, you can trust Twistlock to provide comprehensive Docker Security solutions: vulnerability and compliance management capabilities, advanced threat intelligence, and powerful runtime protection required to secure your containerized applications. Twistlock is proud to be a contributor to the Moby project and builder of the pluggable authorization and secrets management you’re already using with Docker.

Implement the Docker CIS Benchmark

With over 80 built-in checks that cover every recommendation in the Docker CIS Benchmark, Twistlock monitors and automatically enforces compliance policies across the container application lifecycle.

Vulnerability Prevention from Development to Runtime

Twistlock plugs into any CI/CD tool, scans any registry, and prevents the deployment of vulnerable images into your environment. Twistlock finds vulnerabilities across your hosts, image base layers, and app frameworks with precise results and no false positives. Our image viewer helps you visualize exactly what layers of an image have vulnerable components so you can quickly remediate them.

Leverage Advanced Threat Intelligence

The Twistlock Intelligence Stream sources and aggregates vulnerability information directly from 30+ upstream projects, commercial sources, and proprietary research from Twistlock Labs — providing data others can’t, so you have the most precise and comprehensive vulnerability and threat data to protect your Docker images and containers.

Risk Prioritization Tailored to Your Environment

Vulnerability Explorer helps you understand what risks are most critical to you by factoring in runtime knowledge and advanced threat metrics about your specific environment, so you can measure and prioritize remediation of top vulnerabilities.

Runtime Security for Docker

From network and application firewalls, to container runtime defense, to host protection — Twistlock is the only security tool you need to defend your Docker environment against vulnerabilities and active threats. Machine-learning powered runtime protection models every app automatically, hunts for anomalies, and stops attacks, all without human involvement.

Security that Scales as You Do

By deploying Twistlock Defender as a Docker Swarm global service, you can ensure that Defender is automatically deployed to each worker node. Regardless of how large and dynamically you scale your cluster, each node will be protected automatically.

Networking, Security & Storage with Docker & Containers

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“Twistlock is an innovator in container security. Their work in runtime protection and contribution to the Docker open source system has helped to enable Docker adoption and innovation for customers across a wide variety of industry verticals.”

Nathan McCauley Former Director of Security, Docker
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