Tuesday, April 18, 2:20-2:40pm, Ecosystem A

Scaling App Defense with Intent Based Security

As many have focused on trying to extend traditional security approaches to fit containers and DevOps, the larger security opportunity has been missed. Containers, both the core technology and the operational patterns they enable, have some fundamental differences from traditional models. Some of these differences, like the greater rate of change devops enables, can favor the attacker and make legacy security practices less effective. However, other differences, like the inherent declarative nature of containers, enable new discovery and security automation scenarios for the defenders. This automation enables security to scale with the app workloads by greatly reducing the need to manually create and manage security policy.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Changes to the threat landscape that containers bring
  • Container characteristics enable security teams to understand developer intent
  • Automation will help firms scale app-tailored, defenses
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