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Understanding the Value of Service Meshes, Why Istio is Rising in Popularity, and Exploring Official Twistlock Compliance Checks for Istio

Service meshes are one of the newest innovations in the world of microservices and cloud native computing. They’re a critical tool for making microservices applications feasible to implement and manage.

Istio, which has been growing in popularity since it was released in 2017, is a service mesh project designed to make it easier to connect, secure, and operate the connectivity between your application’s various components. When deployed and integrated with Kubernetes, Istio automatically balances inter-service traffic based on policies configured by admins, which means it’s easy to ensure that communications between services are properly balanced depending on user needs.

In the whitepaper, Twistlock CTO John Morello offers insights into how service meshes like Istio must be properly secured. Without sufficient security oversight, service meshes run the risk of becoming a vector for attack into software infrastructure, as well as a compliance liability.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • How service meshes work and which security considerations apply to them
  • Why Twistlock identified Istio compliance checks as an important gap to address for the cloud native community
  • The official Twistlock compliance checks for Istio, including proper configurations, risk severity, major threats, and countermeasures
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