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Container security has been cited as a barrier to entry for containers, and specifically in the past, for Docker. This ebook explains how containers can facilitate a more secure environment by addressing include topics such as image provenance, security scanning, isolation and least privilege, auditing and more.


In Network, Security, and Storage with Docker & Containers, we cover how to account for the temporary architectures, host-based persistence, multi-host storage, volume plugins, and storage strategies with the intent to show some of the patterns that have worked for others implementing container storage.

Networking, security and storage are all topics with broad and deep subject matter. Each of these topics deserves a full book of its own, but setting the stage in this initial ebook on these topics is an important exercise. The container ecosystem is becoming as relevant for operations teams as it is for developers who are packaging their apps in new ways. This combined interest has created a renaissance for technologists, who have become the central players in the emergence of new strategic thinking about how developers consume infrastructure.

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