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Guide to Modernizing Traditional Security

The Advantages of Moving a Legacy Application to Containers

In this white paper, you’ll get a peek into one customer’s initial steps into containers via a “Lift and Shift”, in which they move their existing apps into containers. We break out full case study from challenges the organization was facing prior to the migration from VMs, all the way through to the benefits they achieve in vulnerability management, compliance, and runtime security improvements.

The “Lift and Shift” benefited this customer by:

  • Increasing visibility into the vulnerability posture of the app throughout its lifecycle
  • Evolving Compliance from being an entirely manual and time consuming overhead into an automated part of the build, ship, and run phases
  • Strengthening runtime defense via basic host antimalware to comprehensive controls tailored specifically for every build of the app

This is a solid blueprint for any organization considering migrating traditional apps to containers.

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