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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides enterprises a high performance, easily scalable way to run business critical applications. Twistlock is proud to be a Google Cloud Platform Security Partner – helping to protect some of the world’s largest and most complex microservices deployments. With Google Cloud Platform’s secure infrastructure and Twistlock’s cloud native security platform, software can be deployed – and run – faster and safer than ever before. Learn more below or get started with Twistlock on Google Cloud Launcher today.


Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a production-ready environment, managed by Google, to run containerized applications at scale. Launched in 2015, GKE is one of the most reliable, efficient, and secure way to run Kubernetes clusters. Twistlock deploys natively on GKE to provide automated, whitelist-based defense against threats and microservices-aware Layer 3 and Layer 7 firewalls.


Google Container Registry on GCP provides fast, scalable image storage, retrieval and deployment. Twistlock makes it easy to scan images stored in GCR for vulnerabilities or compliance violations – helping developers build more secure software.

Cloud SCC

With the Cloud Security Command Center, GCP customers have a single pane of glass into security events across all GCP services. Twistlock’s native integration into Cloud SCC gives security operators a view into cloud native incidents alongside broader context that spans the entire GCP environment.

Twistlock enables us to pinpoint vulnerabilities, block attacks, and easily enforce compliance across our environment - giving our team the visibility and control needed to run containers at scale.

Anthony Scodary Co-Founder, Gridspace | GCP + Twistlock Customer