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Amazon Web Services

Twistlock is proud to be a member of the AWS Partner Network, and brings full lifecycle, full stack security to customers of AWS services. Whether you’re using containers, serverless functions, or CaaS frameworks like Fargate, Twistlock provides a centralized platform to protect your cloud native applications in AWS against threats. Learn more below or get started with Twistlock on AWS today.


Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is a highly-available, scalable, managed Kubernetes service that makes it easy for customers to build and operate microservices environments. Launched in 2018, EKS is one of the most efficient and scalable ways to run Kubernetes clusters.  Twistlock deploys natively on EKS to provide to provide automated, whitelist-based defense against threats and microservice-aware Layer 3 and Layer 7 firewalls.


Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) gives developers a fully-managed container registry that makes it easy to store, manage and deploy container images. With integration to ECS, its easy for developers to push images from development to production. As a launch partner for ECR, Twistlock makes it easy to scan images in registry for vulnerabilities or compliance violations – ensuring only secure containers are deployed.


For teams requiring fast and scalable compute power, AWS Lambda allows you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. As the first platform to offer serverless security, Twistlock provides full lifecycle vulnerability management and runtime defense – unifying protection for serverless with the rest of your cloud native stack.


The majority of solutions for Fargate security require image modification or manual security policy creation. Twistlock’s platform extends protection to containers running in Fargate – with no code modifications necessary. Automated policy creation ensures that Fargate receives the same defense as the rest of your cloud native environment.

Twistlock allows our team to easily protect containerized applications running on Articulate's AWS environment. With Twistlock, we're able to identify and address risks before apps reach production - helping our teams ship safer code and gain our customers’ trust.

Pim Polderman Platform Engineer at Articulate