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Twistlock’s Security Research Team, dubbed Twistlock Labs, consists of top-notch security researchers who thoroughly learn containerized and cloud environments – from the OS levelto end applications. The team divides their focus between refining the Twistlock Platform to detect zero-days and identifying security holes in open-source projects. They aim to responsibly disclose this information for vendors and the community to enjoy alike.

Ariel Zelivansky
Security Research Team Lead
Daniel Shapira
Security Researcher
Aviv Sasson
Security Researcher
Yuval Avrahami
Security Researcher
Daniel Prizmant
Security Researcher
Latest Tweets

Our cloud division has identified a critical vulnerability in the Harbor cloud native registry and uncovered 1,300 at-risk systems. This research report explains how attackers can exploit this threat and how to protect your systems:

Yet another Kubernetes cp CVE. Our upcoming talks at OSS Lyon and KubeCon US just keep on growing.

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