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For organizations scaling their container environments, Kubernetes provides simple, scalable and robust orchestration.  As more production workloads move to microservices, Kubernetes container security has to be a first priority for enterprises.  Twistlock was purpose-built for containers, and provides end-to end Kubernetes security.

Twistlock + Kubernetes: Key Features

  • Automated, cluster-wide deployments. Use a Kubernetes DaemonSet to automatically deploy Twistlock at scale – ensuring protection no matter how large your environment.
  • No-touch Network Policy Creation – Twistlock learns and models container networking behavior at runtime to generate a Kubernetes Network Policy that can be applied across your cluster.
  • Runtime protection at scale. At runtime, Twistlock’s blend of advanced threat intelligence and machine learning automatically creates and enforces security models – no manual intervention required.
  • And more. Vulnerability management, CI/CD integration, robust compliance features – Twistlock is enterprise security with DevOps agility. Learn more today.

Hear our CTO, John Morello, discuss how Twistlock works with Kubernetes and any other orchestration tool.

Not using Kubernetes? Twistlock has full support for Docker Swarm and DC/OS, as well as all 3 major Container-as-a-Service platforms (AWS ECS, Azure Container Service and Google Container Engine).

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