Twistlock launches its container security suite

General availability for the Container Security suite began yesterday, with Twistlock claiming it had accumulate 15 customers during the beta phase. Twistlock also announced the suite’s availability for the Google Cloud Platform. It’s available in Google Container Engine and the Google Container Registry.

Twistlock’s security software is implemented in containers itself, either on-premises or in the cloud. Twistlock watches the other containers that appear, not only checking for vulnerabilities but also making sure the expected container images get implemented properly and use the expected ports. Any deviations could indicate a breach.

“Lots of developers we see using containers — they don’t start from scratch. They don’t build their containers from nothing. They use containers they find on the Internet,” says Kit Merker, product manager for Google Cloud Platform.

These containers might come from trusted sources, but that doesn’t mean they’re built well. So, part of Twistlock’s role is to scan for vulnerabilities. “That’s a cumbersome process that Twistlock has made very easy to implement,” Merker says.

Founded by former members of the Israeli military, Twistlock grew up quickly, as is the norm in the container market. The company was created in January and announced its presence — and a $2.5 million funding round — in May.

With only 12 people and a horde of other container startups surrounding it, Twistlock still managed to get noticed by Google Cloud. That’s partly because Twistlock gained notoriety by contributing code to open source projects, particularly Docker, according to CEO Ben Bernstein.

“People are looking for people that contribute real code,” says Merker.

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Nov 11, 2015 | by Craig Matsumoto