Demystifying Containers for a Better DevOps Experience

Forbes writes: “Twistlock offers Docker users container security for organizations both large and small, each with its own benefits. It provides a free Developer’s Edition to smaller DevOps teams, whilst its enterprise offering is built to handle the stringent security requirements found in many enterprise settings. With features such as run-time defense, vulnerability management, and smart policies, Twistlock is a strong choice for securing one’s containers.”

Docker, Twistlock, CoreOS, and the State of Container Security

Infoworld writes: “Twistlock was created to scan containers for known problems by checking the software inside against the CVE database. In addition, it checks the environment around the container. Google Cloud Platform now offers Twistlock for containers hosted there or stored in its container registry”

Techcrunch writes about Google and Twistlock

“Google has also partnered with TwistLock to bring that company’s container security services to its platform. Using this service, Container Registry users on Google’s Cloud Platform can now set up policies for who can access containers, for example.” Techcrunch writes.

Twistlock strengthens container security for enterprises on Google Cloud

Betanews writes: Twistlock’s “Integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) provides container image scanning, access control functions, and the ability to enforce runtime security policies to protect containerized applications running on GCP.”

Twistlock and the future of container security

Read The New Stack’s feature story on Twistlock. “As container platforms like Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Diego and Garden all continue to evolve, the need for clearly defined software policies that are universal in scope is crucial…Twistlock is one of those companies on the cutting edge of container security, and it’s getting noticed; …

Techcrunch: Securing Container-based Applications

Techcrunch writes in “Securing Container-based Applications“: “One of the leading startups in the container security market is Twistlock, which enables developers and security operations teams to secure their container-based applications.”