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Twistlock comes in two flavors. Twistlock Enterprise is our fully-supported, machine-learning based, solution for end to end container security. If you're using containers in production, or looking to deliver security at scale - Twistlock Enterprise is for you. Our Developer Edition lacks the automation and the threat intelligence of the enterprise solution, but is an excellent starting point for individuals or teams looking to understand microservices security.

FeaturesDeveloper EditionEnterprise Edition
Limitations10 repos, 2 hostsUnlimited repos, images, hosts
SupportCommunity Support24/7/365 Support
Runtime DefenseManual policy creationAutomated policy creation and enforcement
Vulnerability ManagementOpen source CVE feeds only30+ vendor, industry and proprietary feeds
ComplianceCustom policy via SCAP/XCCDF extensibilityNative Docker CIS, HIPAA, PCI
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