John Fiedler, VP of Engineering of SalesforceIQ, gave a talk at DockerCon EU 2015. He talks about various technologies they deployed to enable a PaaS inside SalesforceIQ. Twistlock is one of those technologies. (14:20, 44:00 in the video)


Twistlock customers are DevOps-savvy shops with a passion for innovation and security. They span financial services, hospitality, healthcare, Internet services, high tech, and government. Here are some of their stories.

High Tech

Enterprise cloud security for tech companies

Fortune 500 Digital Service Provider

The company is innovating in rapid deployment and continuous integration. All new applications are written in containers on AWS.

Scale: Hundreds of hosts with thousands of containers, growing to thousands of hosts in the next 18 months.


Use Cases

Vulnerability management across the lifecycle.

Sophisticated policies to enforce role separation, access auditing, and configuration management.

Auto-scaling with Twistlock APIs


Cloud security for Fortune 50 Insurance Companies

Fortune 50 Insurance Company

The company is developing consume-facing applications using containers. Most of the new app development will move to containers going forward.

Scale: A large number of container images, with hundreds of hosts, but expect to grow to thousands of hosts.



Use Cases

Perform vulnerability management for images and running containers

Eliminate unwanted images and manage image sprawl

Selectively deploy runtime protection

Financial Services 

software security for finance

$1B+ financial management platform

Containers are used throughout the platform. The compay needs a tool to help managing vulnerabilities and threats from development to production.

Scale: Hundreds of hosts running containers, in an on-premises cloud.


Use Cases

Vulnerability management function integrated with Jenkins provides a trusted registry where vetted images are pulled for deployment.

Real-time vulnerability and threat information for hygiene of development pipelines.



Intelligence Community Agency

The agency uses containerized applications to perform mission-related analytics and build computational models.

Scale: ~100 hosts. The agency is expected to move more and more applications onto this platform.


Use Cases

Vulnerability management to provide image hygiene and deployment control

Automated runtime threat detection for zero-trust environments

Enforcing sophisticated role-based access control policies



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