Container Security at Scale

Full Lifecycle Security for Docker, Kubernetes and Beyond

Seamless Container Security for Docker & Beyond

Automated, integrated, and scalable – Twistlock is the leading platform for securing container environments and the applications that run in them. Machine learning enables automated policy creation and enforcement that integrates seamlessly throughout the development lifecycle and in all the places you work. Advanced threat intelligence allows protection to occur entirely within your environment – whether public cloud or entirely air-gapped.

Container Security - Twistlock Platform

Key Capabilities

Runtime Defense

Vulnerability Management

Runtime defense protects your containers against exploits, compromises, program mistakes and configuration errors. We monitor container activities, detect policy violations, report anomalies and execute corrective actions. We do all this without changing your host, your containers, the container daemon, or your applications. Scan container images in registries, on dev workstations and on production servers for vulnerabilities and mis-configurations. We detect and report vulnerabilities in the Linux distro, app frameworks and even your customer app packages. The scanning tasks are seamlessly integrated with CI pipelines and existing processes.



Enforce standard configurations, container best practices, the use of trusted registries and recommended deployment templates. You will gain assurance that your containers environments wherever they reside, remain compliant with industry or company policies. Integrate directly into your DevOps toolchain so you can find and fix problems before they ever make it into production. Use native plugins for CI tools like Jenkins and TeamCity and with Orchestration tools including Kubernetes, ECS, Swarm and more.

Features at a Glance

Enterprise Edition
Price Licensed (Free 30-Day Trial)
Limitations Unlimited repos, images, hosts
Support 24/7/365 Support
Runtime Defense Automated policy creation and enforcement
Vulnerability Management 30+ vendor, industry and proprietary feeds
Compliance Native Docker CIS, HIPAA, PCI, and more
CI/CD Integrations Native plugins for Jenkins and TeamCity. Standalone scanner for all other tools/workflows.

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