Container Security Guide

How Containers Can Revamp Your Approach to Security

Ask most DevOps engineers about the benefits of containers and microservices, and their responses will center on the agility, modularity and scalability that microservices-based architectures provide.

But there is another crucial and oft-overlooked advantage of migrating to containers and microservices: Security. Containers offer a number of opportunities for building and deploying more secure applications and environments.

Read this guide to learn:

  • The security benefits of containers
  • Four keys to the new security paradigm
  • The value of a proactive, continuous security approach

Seamless Container Security for Docker & Beyond

Lightweight, scalable and automated – Twistlock is the leading solution for securing container environments and the applications that run in them. Machine learning enables automated policy creation and enforcement that integrates seamlessly throughout the development lifecycle and in all the places you work. Advanced threat intelligence allows protection to occur entirely within your environment – whether public cloud or entirely air gapped.


Container Security Guide - Runtime Threat Protection

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