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Using the Strength of Cloud Native to Make Security Better

The cloud now forms the foundation of most IT infrastructures and strategies, which is why the term cloud native has evolved into a common part of the IT lexicon. System architectures, developers, IT Ops professionals and everyone in between recognizes that a cloud-first strategy has become the key to unlocking new innovations and efficiencies.

Based on this transformational move to cloud native, the way we secure applications has also changed. Modern cybersecurity requires security platforms and practices that automatically build in security alongside applications as they’re built and shipped.

Get this free white paper on Cloud Native Security: What it means, why it’s hard & how to achieve to learn how to adopt a security strategy that is, in itself, cloud native. In practice, this involves the following:

  • Thinking Beyond the Perimeter
  • Securing all the Clouds
  • Integrating Security with CI/CD
  • Supporting Multiple Deployment Workloads

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