Solutions Architect (Singapore)

A Twistlock Solution Architect is a key member of both our sales and R&D teams. Solution Architects help customers successfully deploy and run our technology and apply what we learn from that work to the product roadmap. This position is located in Singapore.


In this position, you are involved with customers throughout our relationship with them, including the following phases:

  • Understanding customer requirements and design solutions
  • Assist with the pre-sales process by answering technical questions, conducting proof of concept evaluations, and working with the R&D team to bridge any gaps
  • Provide customers with an excellent adoption experience by helping with design, deployment, and integration of Twistlock into their environments and operational processes

You will also work closely with the R&D team, in the following ways:

  • Sharing customer feedback, both at the macro level on general trends, and the micro level, from specific customers to shape the development of new product capabilities
  • Working with R&D team members to debug and correct challenges encountered during customer deployments and designing product changes to avoid them in the future.


  • SAs typically have 10-15 years of experience in highly technical customer facing roles.
  • SAs need to have depth experience in security, cloud services, Linux, and containers.
  • SAs need in depth expertise in container and DevOps technologies such as Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker, and OpenShift.
  • SAs must also have strong general infrastructure skills and specific knowledge of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Compute Platform.
  • Security skills should include areas such as access control, runtime defense / anti-malware, and vulnerability management.

This position is located in Singapore.

SAs typically travel ~25% of the time, and work from home/office ~75% of the time.

To apply, email your CV to