Twistlock Labs – Security Researcher


Twistlock Labs is Twistlock’s security research team. We are looking for outstanding security researchers to join us in our Herzliya offices. Full time, onsite.

At Twistlock you’ll find a bunch of geeks who love security and are passionate about new technologies. We develop a cutting-edge enterprise security product that is purpose built for containers and microservices. We actively contribute to open source projects (such as Docker and Kubernetes) and beat our revenue goals every quarter.


The big part of our work is finding zero-days vulnerabilities and investigating vulnerabilities in a variety of projects, from OS level to native applications and frameworks, most being open-source.

The bugs we find are responsibly disclosed and published in public advisories/papers. Our goal is to produce high quality security research and lead the field with our findings and techniques. As a researcher, you get a lot of freedom to work on what you are passionate about.

The rest of our time is spent sharing knowledge and ideas with our badass development team, keeping up with the field, and presenting at conferences all over the world.

Below are the expected qualifications of our security researchers. Please do apply if you are an awesome researcher but still don’t fit everything listed.


  • Proven experience in vulnerability discovery
  • Experience with various exploitation techniques
  • Some reverse engineering experience, using disassemblers/decompilers
  • Familiarity with fuzzing
  • Familiarity with responsible disclosure, CVE assignment
  • Ability to produce high quality security advisories in English
  • (Advantage) Familiarity with the world of containers, Cloud Native and/or Serverless

Our offices are located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel.

To apply, email your CV to