Evangelists educate the world about cloud native cybersecurity. They’re highly visible, public facing members of Twistlock’s engineering organization, focused on 3 main areas of responsibility:

  • Community leadership: Lead Twistlock’s participation in community activities like meetups and conferences by identifying compelling scenarios, creating content, and delivering sessions at major industry events like KubeCon, DockerCon, and RSA, as well as smaller meetups and events. Establish relationships across the community to identify opportunities to amplify the message and route feedback into the engineering process.
  • Project leadership: Take a leading role in working groups, steering committees, and advisory boards for open source projects and cross vendor initiatives relevant to Twistlock. Identify, prioritize, and set goals for participation outcomes and measure progress over time.
  • Thought leadership: Continuously stay engaged in industry trends and news and provide timely, thoughtful, commentary on how it affect Twistlock, our customers, and the overall ecosystem. Create excellent digital content that results in greater awareness of our ecosystem, the Twistlock brand, and our technology.

Evangelists have the following qualifications:

  • Evangelists are experts in the the cloud native market that we’re focused on – they understand the history, the technologies, and the direction of the market and identify opportunities to amplify Twistlock’s message and brand within it.
  • Evangelists are excellent public speakers, with a demonstrated track record of not just delivering compelling presentations and demos but of identifying scenarios of interest and creating abstracts and content that are accepted into first tier industry events.
  • Evangelists are highly independent and entrepreneurial – they define the overall goals for their work, they identify opportunities to raise awareness of the ecosystem and the Twistlock brand, they build the content to support those opportunities, they deliver it in compelling sessions, and they follow through with continuous engagement of community members through a variety of digital channels.
  • Evangelists can successfully navigate complex community projects and organizations with competing vendors and interests. They define desired outcomes, manage ambiguous project goals and timelines, and deliver tangible results that benefit both the community and Twistlock.


  • 5-10 years of experience in highly visible technical evangelism roles
  • A demonstrated record of creating and delivering high quality, well received technical content at first tier industry events
  • Experience leading community projects or initiatives as a board or committee member or technical influencer
  • A demonstrated record of broad technical community engagement through asynchronous digital channels like blogs, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Deep technical experience in either cloud native or security, with at least a foundational level of knowledge in the other. An evangelist with a cloud native background must have expertise in container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, as well as serverless, automation, and CI/CD. An evangelist with a security background must have knowledge of runtime defense, firewalls, vulnerability management, incident response, access control, and compliance.

Evangelists will travel regularly to represent Twistlock. Travel will be primarily within the US, with occasional travel to Europe and, infrequently, to Asia and Australia. Evangelists can work at Twistlock offices in Portland or Baton Rouge, or work remotely from anywhere in the continental US.