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Are you a security geek with a thirst for innovation?  A DevOps ninja who lives and breathes Kubernetes? Twistlock is always looking for innovators, creators, coders, and sellers to join our team. Read on to learn a little more about our international presence, benefits, and open positions.

At Twistlock, we challenge ourselves to swim against the current every day, for the betterment of our product and culture–and we’re having an amazingly good time while we do it. 

About Us

Our Values

  • Focused on Our Customer
  • Excited By Change
  • Unafraid of True Transparency
  • Fact-Based Passionate People
  • Self-Reliant, Self-Sufficient and Self-Confident
  • We created Twistlock so our customers would be empowered to focus on what makes them great – their products, their services, their innovations. Our mission is to secure every cloud workload, whatever the scenario or scale. Our customers’ success is the only true North on our compass and the truest measure of our success.

  • Change is good. Everything around us is constantly evolving, and we should take every opportunity to reassess and stay ahead of  transformational changes. Questioning our own status quo can feel impossible, and it can all take a toll mentally. But missing the opportunity to change and innovate, and not taking the opportunity to swim against the current can turn an agile fish into a beached whale. Let’s be the fish.

  • For some, openness means being challenged and having people disagree. But true transparency demands open communication. Everyone at Twistlock is always free to talk to anyone. Great ideas, no matter how massive or how minute, can come from any conversation. We want every person at Twistlock to share their opinions, their thoughts, their passions and especially their concerns.

  • At Twistlock, we base our decisions on facts. Facts about security, facts about technology and facts about our customers and their businesses. That’s not to say we aren’t passionate people. In fact, we respect each other’s feelings and intuition, each person’s history and background. But, we take intentional steps forward with facts over feelings. This can make things harder and can even make our path forward slower, but leading with facts will make sure that the decisions we make today are right for our business and our customers’ businesses tomorrow.

  • Help is not on the way, and we are not waiting to be rescued. We rely on ourselves and on our team. Success will be the direct result of our working together, while inaction leads to failure. We work hard to come up with innovative ideas, and we continue to lead by not relying on anyone else to do the “hard stuff” for us. Our clients rely on us to be the confident, competent and courageous innovators they hired. We rely on ourselves to exceed that expectation.

Portland, OR, USA

Located in Portland’s Pearl District, Twistlock’s global headquarters is home to our Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success teams.

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Herzliya, Israel

Twistlock’s R&D headquarters is located in Herzliya, Israel, an area dubbed the Silicon Valley of Israel. This office is home to our Developer and Research teams.

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Baton Rouge, LA, USA

Twistlock’s Global Solution Engineering Center is on the banks of the Father of Waters at LSU’s Innovation Park in Baton Rouge. Teams here help our customers around the world plan, deploy, and integrate Twistlock into their cloud native environments.

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Everywhere Else

Twistlock is in hyper growth mode internationally, and the number of offices and headcount is similarly booming. Click here for openings outside of our two main hubs in Portland and Herzliya.

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Current Openings