Twistlock, the leading provider of container and cloud native cybersecurity solutions, today announced that its cloud native platform provides protection for applications managed by Amazon’s App Mesh.

App Mesh is AWS’s implementation of a service mesh and allows apps to be created to have a logical boundary for network traffic between the services that reside within it. Service mesh components include virtual services, virtual nodes, virtual routers, and routes that distribute traffic between the applications in your mesh.

“Service meshes are increasingly becoming a key aspect of cloud native architectures. AWS AppMesh’s deep integration with other AWS services makes it a powerful platform capability that we’re proud to support at launch. By automatically discovering AppMesh topologies we make it easier for customers to visualize connectivity and security posture within the service mesh.” said John Morello, Twistlock CTO.

Below is a screenshot of an App Mesh application visible in the Twistlock Console.

This view shows us all of the service mesh components deployed in the application. We can see the microservices that make up the application (colorteller, go-echo, gateway, alpine-infinite-curl, as well as the twistlock-defender). Additionally, we can see the three different versions of the colorteller service that are deployed: blue, red, and black. Finally, in this view, we can see the policies allowing communication between the microservices and the direction of that traffic. We can also see that the gateway service receives traffic from the outside world.

This second screenshot shows the details of that gateway service, indicating that there are no runtime events (incidents), no vulnerabilities were found, but that there is high risk for compliance. From this view, the appropriate team member could drill into the compliance view and determine what issue(s) exist and how to fix them.

Twistlock now fully supports clear visibility and protection of applications managed by AWS App Mesh. Twistlock Console Radar view shows us all of the configured policies for containers deployed in the application, the microservice that make up the application and the policies allowing communication between the microservices. Twistlock will provide a full risk profile of the microservices with Vulnerability level, Compliance level and runtime events and incidents. Customers can dive into the details of the vulnerabilities, compliance, or runtime events and incidents that exist in their environment and mitigate them.

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