This technical deep dive highlights key capabilities released as part of Twistlock 19.03. To learn more about what’s included with Twistlock 19.03, check out our full release blog post.

What I love about Twistlock is that we never rest on our laurels. The cloud native space is rapidly growing and changing, as adoption accelerates — it’s challenging to mitigate the risks in such a fast paced and growing technology.

And, we are finding that once organizations start using cloud native services, it’s quite common to transition from one admin account using a few cloud instances to multiple business units using multiple services — serverless, managed Kubernetes, cloud registries, and more.

Expanding support for Azure, GCP, and AWS CIS Benchmark

To help organizations track the use of cloud native services, Twistlock released Cloud Provider Compliance v1 in November of last year. This initial capability allowed infrastructure and security teams to begin identifying all the “known unknowns” at their organization and better understand which cloud native services were protected or unprotected.

With our current release, we have added additional discovery services such as GCP and Azure and layered on compliance checks for Amazon Web Services (from “CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations v1.2.0” CIS benchmark). Adding the AWS CIS Benchmark means that Twistlock now includes over 300 compliance checks, including the Docker, Kubernetes, and Linux CIS Benchmarks, formal Istio compliance checks, and proprietary checks from Twistlock Labs.

Whether you using a cloud registry service, serverless functions, or managed cluster services, Twistlock can identify these services being used at your organization.

Setting up Cloud Platform Discovery and Compliance

As to be expected with the Twistlock platform, setup for Cloud Platform Discovery and Compliance is simple and intuitive.

Add Your Cloud Provider Credentials

If you have not already added cloud credentials to Twistlock, simply log in to the Twistlock Console and navigate to Manage > Authentication > Credentials Store and add one or more cloud credentials; we cover the three major cloud providers, AWS, GCP, and Azure. You can add multiple credentials per cloud provider and Twistlock will scan all of the cloud resources available to each account.

Enabling Cloud Platform Discovery and Compliance

Navigate to Defend > Compliance > Cloud Platforms, click on the Select Credential and add either Cloud Discovery or Cloud Compliance for AWS or Cloud Discovery for GCP or Azure. Cloud compliance for GCP and Azure is coming soon. Twistlock will immediately begin scanning of all the selected cloud resources typically complete the scans within a few minutes.

View discovery or compliance violations

Navigate to Monitor > Compliance and select either Cloud Compliance or Cloud Discovery to view the results. Here is a sample of Cloud Discovery for Amazon Web Services. Notice that if you have a resource not yet protected by Twistlock, you can click on the shield next to the resource to add protection, as shown in the screenshot below:

Help is on the way

Monitoring and securing the vast array of cloud services is a daunting task; whether using cloud based registries, serverless, managed Kubernetes, or other cloud based orchestration tools — security professionals can leverage Twistlock to more easily identify those services and their current protection status.

That is exactly why Twistlock added Cloud Discovery and Cloud Monitoring to the Twistlock Security Platform: start your trial today.

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