Twistlock is excited to announce the launch of the Cloud Native Security Podcast, hosted by Sonya Koptyev, Director of Evangelism.

The podcast will cover many topics relevant to the Cloud Native space, including ecosystem topics like Docker Security and Kubernetes security, RBAC, monitoring and alerting, and many, many more.

We have also partnered with our Twistlock Labs team, the research arm of the organization, and will be bringing you the latest and greatest in cloud native security research, including topics like the 4 zero days that the team found, honey pots and how the team lured crytominers and hackers to open containers and how they exploited them.

Another type of content you’ll see covered on the podcast is ecosystem partners with whom Twistlock has integrated and provides core features. These episodes will demonstrate how to get the most from all the tools people are using in their environments and some best practices that we’ve found along the way.

We’ll also bring deep dives of some of the Twistlock products features and you’ll see these published around our major releases. These will explain the core updates in the Twistlock platform for each release and how they can help you and your organization stay more secure in the cloud native world and throughout your cloud journey.

Additional episodes will take a meta deep dive on these features and show you exactly how we built them with our development team. We’ll also cover off deep developer topics like debugging Go code, writing idiomatic test code, and forensics at scale, just to name a few.

We’ll be available on most video and audio platforms, like YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, Twitter, Apple and Google podcasts, as well as a dedicated area on our website to feature all of the episodes. You can expect us to publish weekly with new content coming out all the time, so subscribe to get notified every time we post a new episode.

Finally, if you have feedback or content suggestions, please send them to and we’d love to hear how you’re liking the show and also if you have any content that you’d like to see us cover.

We look forward to helping you learn all about Cloud Native Security.

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