In an earlier blog, we highlighted how Twistlock easily secures workloads running in Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Since that time, we’ve been asked by a lot of customers how Twistlock supports not just PKS – but the broader spectrum of cloud native services in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

To answer that, we’re happy to share that the Twistlock Platform is now available as a Tile on the Pivotal Services Marketplace. This makes it simple for customers using Pivotal Application Services (PAS) within their PCF environment to get started with Twistlock. Tile installation provides an easy path to configure Twistlock to protect cloud native applications running in PCF.

By bringing Twistlock to Pivotal Cloud Foundry as a tile, joint customers can now:

  • Use Twistlock for end to end vulnerability scanning for PAS applications.
  • Protect running PKS applications from attacks with automated runtime defense and firewalling
  • Integrate Twistlock’s protection and compliance features across the DevOps lifecycle.

This support for PAS deployments and availability of Twistlock as a tile builds upon Twistlock’s existing support for workloads running in PKS, as well as the partnership between Twistlock and Pivotal. Twistlock will continue to work closely with Pivotal on ensuring all cloud native workloads running in PCF can be protected easily with the Twistlock platform.

For more details on how Twistlock protects cloud-native applications running on PCF, check out our listing on the Pivotal Services Marketplace, and get in touch with our team today to schedule a demo.

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