Twistlock is proud to announce support for AWS Lambda Layers. Layers allow multiple serverless functions to reference shared components – without requiring duplication of code across functions. By deploying Twistlock as a layer, customers can automatically include Twistlock’s serverless runtime protection across all their functions – no manual updates for each function required.

Twistlock provides the Defender layer as a simple download directly from the product UI.

Once you’ve downloaded the layer, simply upload it into the Lambda interface.

At this point, the Twistlock layer can be dynamically added to any function, without directly modifying the function itself.

The Twistlock layer works just like any other Lamba layer and can be combined with other layers in the same function.

Once the layer is added, Twistlock runtime defense works the same way it does if you embed the Defender directly into the function. Defender provides security controls like only allowing the genuine main process in the function to run and only allowing network connections to desired services and endpoints. Policies are configured in the Twistlock Console and audit results go back to the Console, as well as being stored in CloudWatch.

With support for layers, Twistlock now offers multiple ways to easily protect serverless functions. Whether using layers, automatically embedding Twistlock’s protection during the CI process, or on demand in the Twistlock UI, Twistlock makes it easy to protect functions without relying on developers adding code or making updates on a function by function basis.

Twistlock’s support for AWS Lambda and layers builds upon protection for cloud native workloads running on AWS services like like Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR), Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS, including Fargate), and Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), as well as self-managed container and cloud native deployments on EC2. Organizations using containers, serverless functions, or CaaS frameworks depend on Twistlock to protect the entire lifecycle of their apps – from CI to registry to running in production.

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