Last week, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) announced an official partnership between cybersecurity startups providing container runtime security on GCP. Twistlock is proud to be a Google Cloud Platform Security Partner and one of the five vendors included in this announcement.

The announcement blog mentions the technical integration between Twistlock and GCP, as well as the need for enterprises’ to improve their ability to detect and respond to potential security incidents. Twistlock provides key features for securing containers and microservices on GCP with vulnerability management and compliance integrated with Google Container Registry. The Twistlock Platform is also deployed natively on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) to provide automated, whitelist-based defense against threats along with microservices-aware layer 3 and layer 7 firewalls.

Surfacing Twistlock data within Cloud SCC

Twistlock CTO John Morello put together an in-depth demo to showcase how the Twistlock Platform integrates with the Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). In the video, he highlights:

  • How users can easily walk through the required steps to integrate Twistlock with GCSCC
  • What type of information can be shared between platforms
  • An example attack scenario and how runtime and incident data is made available within the Cloud SCC UI

Twistlock’s native integration into Cloud SCC gives security operators a view into cloud native incidents alongside broader context that spans the entire GCP environment. To learn more, visit our Google Cloud Platform partnership page or contact our team.

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