At Twistlock, we’ve watched our customers implement security throughout the lifecycle of their container infrastructure, whether it’s integrating our scanning with their CI system so their development teams can work within the tools they are familiar with all the way to the full stack of their running infrastructure. Across that lifecycle there is a critical piece of infrastructure that bridges from the development edge of the cycle to the operational edge of the cycle: the container registry.

Key benefits

Twistlock has long supported the ability to scan your container registries, but with Twistlock 2.4 we’ve both expanded that capability and made it easier to scan the registries you are using, regardless of where they are.

Twistlock 2.4 brings the capability to designate multiple registry scanners in your infrastructure, allowing you to specifically align the scanning capability to your infrastructure layout. If you’re geographically distributed, you can now designate a local registry scanner to that geography, saving bandwidth and making your infrastructure use more efficient. If you have a hybrid cloud and on-premises environment, you can have a registry scanner in each or multiple registry scanners across cloud providers.

Additionally, Twistlock 2.4 adds to the registries we automatically support in the product, easing the burden on you in configuring the capability. We’ve been partnered with the major cloud service providers for registry scanning for years, and we’re continuing to invest in the cloud ecosystem and lifecycle to make their adoption of cloud native technologies secure and transparent.

Read more about Twistlock 2.4 here, or get started with Twistlock today!

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