With Docker and AWS announcing Kubernetes support, it’s becoming more and more clear that Kubernetes is today’s dominant container orchestration platform.   With this rise comes an increased focus on Kubernetes security – how is it different than just plain docker security? How can you ensure your applications running in Kubernetes are protected?  At Twistlock, we’re committed to helping our customers answer these questions – which is why we’re proud to be a Kubernetes Technology Partner.   Companies using Kubernetes can deploy confidently with Twistlock, knowing that their applications are automatically firewalled and protected against threats both known and unknown.

If you’re just getting started with Kubernetes, or want to learn more about security best practices for your Kubernetes cluster – we’ve pulled together some of our favorite resources on these subjects – read more below and get in touch with our team to see Twistlock’s protection in action.  For those of you at this week’s KubeCon, come visit our team at booth G28.

The state of the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Just starting with Kubernetes?  Want to make sure you’re maximizing your use of the platform and its components? This eBook from The New Stack provides a comprehensive overview into any and all things Kubernetes – from a guide to the ecosystem, to best practices for adopting and scaling your Kubernetes deployment.

Amazon EKS + Twistlock

Amazon’s recent debut of EKS, their managed Kubernetes offering, provides yet another way for organizations to adopt Kubernetes.  With EKS, much of the operational overhead of Kubernetes is handled by AWS – but security remains an open issue.  In this post, Twistlock CTO John Morello outlines how Twistlock secures EKS applications.

Enforcing the Kubernetes CIS benchmark with Twistlock

Early this year, Twistlock actively participated in the creation of the Kubernetes CIS Benchmark.  Our team extended this work by building the benchmark natively into the Twistlock platform. Read the 3 easy steps to Kubernetes Security to learn how to easily and automatically secure your Kubernetes deployment.  Or check out our webcast, Automatically Securing Kubernetes for a more detailed look at best practices for protecting your applications.

Native Kubernetes Security Features – Twistlock Analysis + Recommendations

Want to learn more about security features built into the Kubernetes platform, like pod security policies and RBAC?  Read the Twistlock Labs research team’s security-focused reviews of Kubernetes 1.7 and Kubernetes 1.8 to learn tips for protecting your Kubernetes environment – and where best to leverage additional protection.


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