Updated 20 Dec 2017:
Since we initially posted this, we’ve been talking to the team at CNCF and understood that the Kubernetes Certified program is currently focused on Kubernetes distributions, not apps like Twistlock that run on Kubernetes. In talking with Dan Kohn, though, we both agreed that there’s a great opportunity to benefit the entire ecosystem by creating a similar program for certified tooling so you know your monitoring, backup, security, and other utilities work great on Kubernetes. We’re starting the work on this program on the k8s conformance mailing list, so please join us if you’d like to participate. I look forward to getting Twistlock certified as soon as we can!

Here’s the full text of our PR:

“Reverts cncf/k8s-conformance#106
Talked with @dankohn earlier today. When the conformance program was first unveiled, the instructions and requirements weren’t as clear as they are today, so we misunderstood and followed the certification process thinking it applied to apps that run on Kubernetes as well as distros. Currently, however, the certification program is only focused on k8s distributions so we’re withdrawing our results to be compliant with the program goals. We are of course still a Kubernetes Technology Partner!

In talking with Dan, we both agreed on the value of having a certification program for tooling that runs on Kubernetes. Specifically, system level utilities and tools for monitoring, security, backup, etc. This will make it easier for customers to understand and select an entire stack of stuff that works great on Kubernetes, so everyone benefits. Dan will be getting this tooling conformance program discussion started on the mailing list and I look forward to helping shape it and being ready to get Twistlock certified through it once its live.”


Original Post:

I recently wrote about the momentum we’re seeing around Kubernetes across our customers. Over the past year, customers of all sizes and industries have been standardizing on Kubernetes as the platform for managing their containers and cloud native apps. As the ecosystem has grown, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (where the Kubernetes project lives) started a certification program to make it easier for users to understand what apps are built to work really well with Kubernetes. As the certification program’s site says:

“Users want their workloads to run everywhere — without having to test their applications or those from Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) against every K8s environment. Kubernetes was designed with portability and interoperability in mind, and providers want to enable application portability.

Software conformance ensures that every vendor’s version of Kubernetes supports the required APIs. For enterprises and startups using Kubernetes, conformance guarantees interoperability from one Kubernetes installation to the next. It allows them flexibility and vendor independence.”

Today, I’m proud to announce that Twistlock is the first (and currently only) security platform that’s Kubernetes Certified. This work reflects our long term commitment to delivering truly cloud native cyber security, and builds on previous community contributions like our work in Docker, OpenShift, the Kubernetes CIS Benchmark, and NIST SP 800-190. I’ll go into more details on this during my talk at KubeCon tomorrow and we’d love to show you Twistlock running on Kubernetes (deployed as a Replication Controller and Daemon Set, of course) in booth G28.

For more details on our certification, check out the PR.

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