Twistlock is Cloud-Native Cybersecurity.

What does that even mean?

When Dima and I started Twistlock, we knew that some big changes were taking place in software production. Development practices were evolving, the elasticity of computation was changing, and the level of automation was different than anything we had seen before. Twistlock was and still is about that. Twistlock is about creating a security solution that both devops and security team can rely on in their journey to cloud computing.

Our vision, turned “promise”, is to allow companies that produce software in this manner to be secure, without having security become a bottleneck. Hence, our tagline: Enterprise Security with Devops Agility.

Our main focus was and still is on securing containers – the “usual suspect” in this space, as it were.

But in order to secure containers, we’ve included various elements that have to do with security and can tie to any agile element – containers, VMs, or anything else you run in your cloud. Specifically I’m referring to our CI/CD, Cloud Native WAF, machine learning, Devops, security research, and Cloud orchestration/enumeration capabilities.

Given that, it feels natural to share that as part of this promise, we’re releasing our Twistlock Serverless Security beta this week during BlackHat 2017. Our serverless security module will make Twistlock the first publically available product out there to protect both serverless and container workloads.

For enterprises deploying cloud-native apps, serverless functions versus containers are not an either-or proposition. Many organizations using serverless are using it for specific scenarios, and using containers in other scenarios. As a case in point, one of our customers is using Lambda to do event-driven processing jobs, which supports a broader actuarial forecasting app running in Docker.

Our roadmap has several more transformative elements, and is quite ambitious; so please subscribe to our blog for updates, or get in touch for a demo. Even better, if you’re at BlackHat USA, stop by Twistlock’s booth (#874) for a live demo of both our serverless beta and  2.1 in general.

What’s Next

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