Our mission at Twistlock is to provide the level of security that enterprises need while empowering DevOps teams with the agility they require. We regularly speak to our customers, partners and industry experts, as well as conduct extensive research, to better understand how we can continue to improve and simplify protection for cloud native applications and environments.

Over the last few months, the team’s been hard at work creating the next generation of Twistlock – and we’re excited to announce that Twistlock 2.0 will be releasing later this month. This milestone release introduces a new UI to the Twistlock Console, significant enhancements to a variety of features, and marks the debut of several all-new management and visualization capabilities.  There’s a lot here we can’t wait to share with you, and over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting some of Twistlock 2.0’s key features in posts like this one.

Introducing Runtime Radar: Twistlock’s All-New Runtime Defense Management View

First up on the list of feature spotlights is our all-new Runtime Radar. Historically, environment visualization was based on hosts, static IPs, and monolithic applications – none of which translates to the cloud-native world. In Twistlock 1.6, we debuted a container-centric environment visualization tool – showing connections based on pods and services.  While we’re proud of being first-to-market with an informative and easy-to-understand view; our team felt there was still significant room for improvement.

Twistlock's runtime radar in 1.6

Runtime Radar as it debuted in Twistlock 1.6

Twistlock Runtime Radar in Twistlock 2.0

The all-new Runtime Radar in Twistlock 2.0

We’re happy to deliver on that promise with the all-new Runtime Radar view.  In a single glance, you can visualize your entire environment – from the relationships and connections between pods, down to the processes, network calls, file access and syscalls for each and every container.  With real-time updates, easy-to-understand topology, and colored risk indicators for each host, Runtime Radar provides a single view into the status, connectivity, and risk state of your environment.

For organizations using Kubernetes and network policy managers like Weave or Calico, the model you see in Runtime Radar can actually be exported and imported as a network policy at the orchestration level – so you don’t have to manually configure and update as your environment scales.

Twistlock Container Security - Runtime Defense Radar Detail

Detailed runtime defense and monitoring with Twistlock Runtime Radar

We’re excited to deliver the new Runtime Radar to our customers in just a few weeks – and we can’t wait to share the rest of 2.0 with you.

Watch the Twistlock blog for more updates, or get in touch to request a demo today.

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