I’m excited to announce that I’ll be presenting at the AGC Partners’ 13th Annual West Coast InfoSec and Broader Technology Growth Conference on Monday, February 13, 2017. The growth conference has become a premier showcase for private technology companies and entrepreneurs looking to connect one-on-one with strategic tech acquirers, investors, and emerging tech growth companies. More than 100 public and private companies are set to participate in the invitation-only event.

I’m going to be discussing a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, as well as our customers. During the Impact of DevOps on Cyber panel, I’ll be sharing my perspective on the challenges and opportunities that DevOps presents. For example, the benefits of DevOps include shorter cycle times, faster testing times, more automation, and ideally better code. Done right, it can catch security flaws earlier in the delivery cycle and enable organizations to respond faster to compromises.

DevOps can leave some leaders nervous about quality and cybersecurity, however. While DevOps wants to rapidly develop and deploy software, cyber security personnel strive to mitigate and manage risk by thoroughly checking for any potential breachable point in the software. Security teams with traditional development and deployment models typically have the time and resources to check and harden code at the end of the development cycle, but this becomes more difficult with the rapid release cycle of DevOps, and often requires a change in methodology.

In addition to touching upon the challenges and opportunities that DevOps presents, I’m also excited to address the concept of intent-based security, which I wrote about earlier this month. It’s a new way of looking at applications, specifically those in a containerized environment, down to the application level and adding in extra security. With more information flowing from the developer than ever before, we now have the power to produce a more predictable and secure environment that can be enforced.

Sitting on the panel with me will be executives from AttackIQ, Black Duck Software, Kenna Security, and Signal Sciences. Each of these companies have recognized how important DevOps has become to cybersecurity, and they are all dedicated to finding a solution to the ever-evolving state of attacks. I’m looking forward to joining them and other security leaders in an impactful and collaborative discussion on the impact of DevOps on cybersecurity.

If you’d like to join us at the conference, visit America GSC for additional information. Come hear my thoughts on DevOps and cybersecurity at The Park Central in San Francisco at 4:15pm PST.

Hope to see you there!

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