Every decade or so, a new technology hits the market with such a fundamental impact that it challenges existing assumptions and turns the status quo upside down. Cloud was such a technology, and 10 years in it has fundamentally changed the way IT functions are delivered to enterprises and small businesses. Container technology is one of the most recent innovations that is making a splash in the IT sector. With the advent of containers and the rapid adoption of Docker, the virtualization space is once again an exciting segment for innovation, exploration, and reinvention.

Mass-scale adoption of containers is still in its infancy and there remains many unanswered questions. But many of us in the security field, including the entire Twistlock team, believe that containers bring unprecedented opportunities for security. Not threats, but opportunities.

We see a future where containers foster security innovations, and security in turn accelerates container adoption. We are confident that through our work and the work of many others in the industry, we can help organizations improve their overall security postures via the systematic re-engineering of security delivery into the IT stack.

Getting this right, however, requires engagement with the broad industry. That is why Twistlock, together with Google and Intel, is organizing a container security summit, providing a forum for different entities to come together and debate/discuss the most pressing container security challenges and research priorities.

Today, January 26th, we welcome 70 of our industry colleagues, including practitioners, solution providers, and researchers to Burlingame, CA where we will hold this discussion-oriented, vendor-neutral summit.

Our speakers’ roster includes many industry heavy hitters. Our opening keynote of the day is Bo Boghosian, Sr. Software Engineer & Kubernetes Lead from Niantic Labs. Bo will discuss how a tiny team at Niantic leveraged containers and successfully scaled to meet the demands of the smash hit game.

Throughout the day, we will hear from Alex Mohr, Staff Engineer for Kubernetes from Google, Nathan McCauley, Security lead at Docker, and David Strauss, CTO at Pantheon, whose talk last time earned high remarks from the audience. We will also be hearing from DevOps innovators like Mason Jones from Credit Karma, Loris Degioanni, Founder & CEO at Sysdig, and Mrunal Patel, Principal Software Engineer from Red Hat.

Twistlock CTO, John Morello, will deliver a talk at the container security summit. John will focus on intent-based security, a runtime security innovation from Twistlock and how that can help users improve runtime security without the overhead of managing burdensome security policies.

Our close keynote of the day is Bryan Pane from Netflix. Bryan is the engineering manager, Product & Application security at Netflix. He will discuss how security has been a first design principle at Netflix as they created their internal container service. What they learned in creating that service and how they handled container security from threat modeling to isolation and identity.

To learn more about the discussions at the summit, follow the Twistlock Twitter handle @twistlockteam. We’ll be live-tweeting the event throughout the day. We will also be publishing a recap of the event, summarizing the top discussion points and research challenges put forth by the speakers and the participants.

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