One of the great things about containers is how portable they are and we’ve always prioritized this portability in our architecture. That’s why Twistlock Oracle Cloud provides market leading support for every cloud provider, every host OS, and every orchestration layer we see customers using. One of the other things that’s great about containers is the density and scalability they provide, allowing customers to scale up and out easily across many hosts. That’s why we were excited to recently work with Oracle to show Twistlock protecting Docker containers running on Oracle Cloud.

One of the cool things about Twistlock Oracle Cloud is the diversity of offerings it provides from IaaS to PaaS to DBaaS as well as some leading SaaS tools for HRM, ERP, and CRM. Of course, our focus at Twistlock is on containers so we were excited to try out the elastic computer cloud and some big metal offered in the unique Bare Metal Cloud.

Bare Metal Cloud is a new offering from Oracle that allows customers to get the envelop pushing performance of running without a hypervisor, but with the automation and operational benefits of the cloud. For example, we were able to easily provision a large physical server using automation and have it immediately available with the same ease as deploying a VM. Oracle Bare Metal cloud offers some pretty amazing hardware too:


Because we’ve built Twistlock to be as portable as your containers themselves are, running Twistlock here was no different than installing and running it on more typical VMs (although with 72 cores and NVMe storage, maybe slightly faster!).

Here’s a brief narrated screencast of using Twistlock on Oracle Bare Metal Cloud.

Of course, not everyone needs 72 cores and dedicated hardware for running their containers, so we also wanted to check out the compute cloud service that operates more like other IaaS providers you’re already familiar with.  In this case, we quickly deployed a single instance VM running Oracle Linux:


Because Oracle Linux is built on Red Hat, Twistlock already works well with it:


And in another great example of the portability of containers, you can see that we can download and run any Docker image on Oracle Cloud and have Twistlock provide all the runtime defense, compliance, and vulnerability management that we always do.  Since many Oracle Cloud customers are likely to be Java environments, I want to especially highlight our capabilities for detecting not just base layer vulnerabilities but also vulnerabilities in the JDK and components installed through package managers like Maven as well:vuln-console

Here’s another screencast showing Twistlock protecting containers on Compute Cloud, this time with an Ubuntu image:

If you’d like to learn more about running Twistlock to protect containers on Oracle cloud, just request a demo.  You can also find us on Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace.

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