Twistlock Teams up with Microsoft’s Azure Container Registry Service (ACR)

With more than 50 years of Microsoft experience combined across a few of us at Twistlock, we’re particularly excited to announce Twistlock support for the new Azure Container Registry (ACR) service.  ACR provides customers with a scalable, fully managed, and compatible way to store and share Docker formatted images.  Because Microsoft Azure Container Registry security is built with compatibility in mind, it ‘just works’ with your existing Docker client and is easy to integrate with other orchestration and management tools you’re already using.  

For us at Twistlock, supporting ACR builds on our industry-leading capabilities for providing advanced vulnerability management across any registry that our customers choose to use.  We already support many other container-as-a-service platforms and registries. Adding Microsoft Azure Container Registry security to this list rounds out our capabilities. For a customer, this really means that no matter where your images are, Twistlock can protect them.

What Twistlock Offers Azure Container Registry Users

In addition, our support for ACR continues to build on the runtime defense capabilities we showed for the Azure Container Service earlier this year. With Azure, customers have a comprehensive set of capabilities for securely running images at scale and Twistlock is proud to partner with Microsoft on this effort.  Here’s a quick narrated screencast showing how easy it is to scan and protect images stored in ACR:

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