There is no question that we have had an amazing year.

We have been blessed in being the original container security company. Many enterprises, including some of the largest brands in the world, that are embracing “the new stack” and using containers in production choose to protect their workloads with Twistlock. As a company, we’ve had the most amazing freshman year.

This allowed us to create a powerful, comprehensive solution out there, and coming up with the concept of intertwining security with DevOps in an automated and seamless way. It also allowed us to be part of a small collection of innovative companies in the industry that are leading the creation of the new stack eco-system and helping to standardize, what organizations use as a blueprint.

A Hebrew new year just concluded, and it is customary to observe the passing year and bless your friends and family with “let it be a year of growth”, which is fitting for our situation.
So let’s talk about growth.

Twistlock right now is in a hyper growth mode. I am happy to report that, in the last a few weeks, we nearly doubled the size of the company by welcoming many new team members onboard. We hired more kickass engineers, field engineers, as well as excellent operational staff to steer us into the next phase of the company journey.

As the CEO, I am exceptionally proud of the talent that we are able to bring onboard to date and want to shout from the top of the world to welcome these new members:


We welcomed Brian Lake as our new chief revenue officer. Brian joins us from Puppet where he was the VP of sales and helped grow Puppet from a startup of our size to a much larger business. Brian joined us about a month ago, but It definitely feels like he has been here much longer than that, as the impact he has made is absolutely amazing. I am extremely excited that Brian joined us, bringing with him the experience to build a worldwide scalable sales organization.  He is absolutely the right person for us to have at this time. I personally have learned a lot from Brian already, and I’m looking forward to our amazing partnership together.


Building a product is not just about producing code and features. It is also about robustness, quality, and the many other “ilities” of the software. Right now it is absolutely the right time to be enhancing our testing capabilities. To that end, we welcomed Itay Abramowsky into the kickass R&D team to lead our testing team. I’m glad to have Itay, who I know back from my Microsoft days, is putting his energy (and god knows he has lots of it) into that.

Beer Sheva, is said to be the Cyber Capital of Israel. Having studied in the Technion, I just can’t agree to that. However, I can’t argue with the fact that so many of our talented engineers are from the Beer Sheva University. Latest additions being

Gilad Astrin – welcome to the team, from what I hear, in the little time that has passed since you joined you already made a huge impact, welcome!

Nerya Agam. Welcome to the team too. You are a young and fun guy, but I know you are a serious software engineer and we are happy that you joined us.

There are at least 3 more engineers who have signed and are starting in the next a few weeks. You know who you are, since this blog is coming out before you start– here is your welcome in advance :-).


I’d like to welcome Shlomo Zippel to the team. My first task in the IDF intelligence was to do code review to a project Shlomo coded. Oh boy, I didn’t know that an OS can be torn down and stitched up, and still be working seamlessly, like what Shlomo has done. Shlomo will be taking on the role of Developer Advocate for Twistlock. I’m sure that like pretty much anything he ever did, he will excel in that role. Welcome Shlomo!

We will have more exciting additions to the marketing team soon.

CTO team

  • Kevin Lewis – I’m so glad you agreed to join the team, god knows it’s hard to find talented technical people in the bay area who are not full of themselves. I look forward to doing great things together, especially here in our back yard.
  • Aqsa Fatima– Thank you for joining, I still remember Mike and John telling me a year ago they talked with a sharp student whose focus is containers and security, who downloaded our software and was excited about it. I’m really glad we were able to interest you enough to join us, and already saw the results of some of the work you have done to our API.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone :-). And yes, we are still hiring  :-). To help us with that, we also brought Ilana on as a recruiting manager to focus on growing the team.

I keep thinking of a movie I remember seeing as a kid called “The court jester”, where Danny Kaye needed to become a knight really fast. So he went through these tests which were usually very hard and took a lot of time, but since there was no time, he got to pass them really fast. (you’d understand how fast if you see it at So as a company we are growing fast and we are moving even faster.

Right now we are laser-focused on the next phase of the company journey, as the container market booms.

Throughout this adventure, I remind myself constantly what I believe is important for anyone to remember – “it is about two things: learning and having fun”. I believe learning being the important one, as if you are working hard and spending a lot of energy learning new skills, you will eventually have fun too.

So to all the new and existing employees: In this hyper growth phase, we don’t have yet a lot of crazy perks, no private chef or a massage therapist. But, I can promise you this, you will be intellectually challenged, and you will work in an environment where you can learn new things every day. You will continue to help Twistlock trail blaze the container security market and at the same time, trail blaze a rewarding and satisfying career. And in a couple of years, we’ll all look back and reflect on how much fun we all had.

And by then we may even have a private chef :-).

Shanna Tova


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