Get Access Now To Our Free Container Security Platform for Developers

Today we are proud to announce that we released a free Twistlock developer edition of our container security product. The developer edition is aimed at helping individual developers or small teams that are have a small footprint of container deployment.

Many DevOps innovations today are driven by a developer’s desire to streamline the dev processes and take to market faster and safer. Containers offer organizations the speed and agility they require to respond quickly to changing business needs. By eliminating cost as a deterrent, Developer’s Edition further enables the rapid adoption of container technologies, which ultimately leads to better DevOps implementations across an organization’s entire environment.

Twistlock is a company that benefits from the open source community – we built our userbase from those that use Docker and Linux open source technologies. We’re excited to be able to give back to the community. We believe that many developers and small dev teams are eager to benefit from the innovation and agility that container technologies offer, but are reluctant to take initial steps because of budget and/or security issues. Developer’s Edition addresses both of those concerns with a frictionless way to experiment with containers without compromising an organization’s security posture.”

The Developer’s Edition is easy to install, self-servicing and comes with a perpetual free license. It offers much of the same functionality found in Twistlock’s Container Security Suite. Features include:
• Vulnerability management: Scanning container images to discover vulnerabilities that may exist in the various layers of the image.
• Access control: Fine-grained access control capabilities to guard access to Docker commands.
Runtime defense: Policy-based protection for running containers on production servers.

Developer’s Edition includes open source threat feeds only and is available without support. The premium Container Security Suite comes with support, enterprise-scale usage, and is powered with proprietary threat feeds, malware scanning, and advanced learning-based runtime threat protection.

To request a free Twistlock Developer’s Edition or obtain more in-depth information, users can go here.

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