Enhanced Security Capabilities on AWS EC2 Container Registry

One of the great things about containers is their openness and portability.  Because we built Twistlock specifically for securing containers, these characteristics are key pillars of our product too.  Today, we’re happy to announce another example of this flexibility by being a launch partner for Amazon’s EC2 Container Registry service.

Amazon ECR is a great new addition for customers running containers on AWS.  Many of our current customers have chosen AWS for its innovative and proven cloud capabilities and ECR makes it easier than ever to host images in an integrated way with the rest of the AWS EC2 Container Registry platform.  For example, ECR allows customers to use existing IAM credentials and policies to control access to images.  At Twistlock, we’ve built on the ECR platform by providing customers with vulnerability management of images hosted on ECR, regardless of where they’ve deployed Twistlock. Best of all, you can also use Twistlock technologies to secure your runtime container images on AWS — our integration with Amazon ECR just made the full lifecycle protection for containers seamless.

Our support for ECR builds on our track record of protecting any image, anywhere and the support we already have for Google Container Registry and Docker Registry.  This allows our customers to protect all their images across all the potential places they’re stored, from private clouds to public clouds and everywhere in between.  Many customers already have a multi-cloud strategy and this platform-independent approach is an important way to provide consistent security across all those clouds.  One Twistlock instance can protect containers, hosts, and images across all the various clouds your organization is running on.  Of course, vulnerability management is only part of what we do and the access control and runtime defense that we provide for containers also span all your clouds, including AWS.

For customers looking to use Twistlock to protect their images on ECR, we have a support article published on support.twistlock.com and, as always, are ready to help answer any questions you have with using this feature.

More details can be found in Amazon’s blog about ECR and our partnership.

Here is a video illustrating how Twistlock works with Amazon ECR.

To see our ECR support in action or to try Twistlock in your environment, get started here!

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