There is no question that container technologies are gaining tremendous momentum in enterprise computing. Companies like Google, Uber, AirBnB are deploying containers and microservice applications to great results in expediting development and enabling DevOps initiatives.

With this backdrop, we are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Twistlock and ishi systems, a leading global technology services firm, to help customers migrate to container platforms in a secure fashion. We believe that security solutions for next generation application platforms have to be open, programmable while being seamlessly enforceable across diverse application environments. Twistlock’s container security suite does exactly that; it protects containers throughout the end-to-end application lifecycle and enables developers to incorporate security without introducing undue friction into development, deployment or operations.

Why working with ishi systems?

Ishi systems has a suite of offerings on cloud native computing, leveraging the power of container technologies and innovative management technologies to achieve high performance and maximum efficiency.

We are impressed with ishi systems’ deep understanding of and experiences in helping enterprises establish high performing and resource efficient infrastructure for IT transformation. We believe that only folks at the front line executing the transformation projects will understand how important cutting-edge technologies like containers are to the future viability of the business, and how vital Twistlock’s capabilities are to the success of the task. We are thrilled that Twistlock can be part of ishi systems’ efforts to help companies build massively scalable, efficient, and secure IT infrastructure.

Why now?

With the advent of cloud computing, auto-scaling tools, and more recently native infrastructure like containers that enable microservices applications, companies have a tremendous opportunity to re-architect their infrastructure and systems for maximum efficiency and velocity.

Developer-led companies are often at the forefront of this transformation. Developers are gaining power — bit by bit they are owning IT. IT has no choice but to keep up. The innovative IT shops understand this, and that is why technologies like Docker came out of nowhere and reached a billion dollar valuation with a record speed.

If your competitors are agile, their teams are efficient and they have rapid deployment of new functionality and applications, how can you compete by holding on to traditional infrastructure, workflows, and monolithic applications? You simply can’t.

That is why customers have been coming in droves to Twistlock and ishi systems to ask for help and guidance.

That is why we are doing this now. The iron is hot, there is no better time.

If you are interested in learning more about Twistlock or ishi systems’ offers. Reach out to or to learn more about the two companies and our partnership.

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