Container Security for Docker, Kubernetes and Beyond

Twistlock is the industry’s most complete, automated and scalable container cybersecurity platform. From precise, full-lifecycle vulnerability and compliance management to application-tailored runtime defense and cloud native firewalls, Twistlock secures your containers and modern applications against the next generation of threats across the entire application lifecycle.

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Why Twistlock?

Twistlock provides comprehensive container security for teams using Docker, Kubernetes and other cloud-native tools. From securing containers at runtime, to enforcing compliance across the CI/CD pipeline, Twistlock is a centralized platform for protecting applications against the threats of today – and tomorrow.


Twistlock’s machine learning automatically profiles applications to create whitelist-based security models.


Natively integrated with the tools development teams already use, Twistlock brings container security to every stage of the SDLC.


Twistlock’s intelligence stream and 30+ upstream feeds ensure accurate, actionable vulnerability management.


Twistlock’s audit-ready reporting and granular enforcement ensures compliance across your environment.

What Our Customers and Partners are Saying About Us



"Twistlock can help AWS customers secure their container workloads, including containerized applications that run on Amazon EC2 Container Service and container images that are stored in EC2 Container Registry."

Brandon Chavis

Solutions Architect

"Twistlock is enabling our mutual customers to deliver software with greater confidence and repeatability, and the integration between their products and Artifactory is easy to set up and get running quickly."

Kit Merker

VP, Business Development

"As organizations undergo digital transformations, container technologies are enabling them to build and deploy flexible, cloud-native applications at scale."

Mike Werner

Senior Director, Global Technology Ecosystems

"Twistlock is an innovator in container security. Their work in runtime protection and contribution to the Docker open source system has helped to enable Docker adoption and innovation for customers across a wide variety of industry verticals."

Nathan McCauley

Director of Security

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"Twistlock allows our team to easily protect cloud native applications running in a customer's AWS environment. With Twistlock we're able to identify and address risks before apps reach production - helping our teams ship safer code."

Pim Polderman

Platform Engineer

"Adding security to a container based implementation of DevOps is essential for vulnerability management to realize economic benefit in software security."

Jim Routh

Chief Information Security Officer

"Containerization is the future of platform infrastructure and a technology enabling agile modern software development. Booz Allen Hamilton’s federal clients want to move fast with the highest level of confidence that their code is secure. With Twistlock, we are able to deliver the best of both worlds."

Dan Tucker

Vice President

"Twistlock enables us to pinpoint vulnerabilities, block attacks, and easily enforce compliance across our environment – giving our team the visibility and control needed to run containers at scale."

Anthony Scodary


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