Cloud Native Cybersecurity

Cloud Native Security for Docker, Kubernetes and Beyond

Stronger Security with the Strengths of Cloud Native

  • Automated for DevOps Speed

    Twistlock delivers zero-touch security by learning your applications’ expected behavior and automatically creating and enforcing whitelist security models and microsegmentation to protect against threats known and unknown. Our approach also makes Twistlock less prone to “rule rot” as applications evolve, making security stronger at less cost.

    Automate your container security with Twistlock
  • Security as Scalable as the Cloud Itself

    Twistlock deploys instantly alongside the apps it protects, using the same automation tools, in any cloud, without needing special VMs or interfering with your apps or OS. We understand that containers, Kubernetes, Fargate, and cloud native tech in general, have transformed the topology of cloud environments, so we secure the full stack.

    Security for the cloud native continuum
  • Integrated across the Application Lifecycle

    Twistlock integrates with the tools your teams already use to deliver software, from CI/CD to deployment automation, to deliver protection at every stage of the application lifecycle. A fully-exposed REST API and native plugins for leading monitoring tools ensure risk and incident data is always at your fingertips.

    See how Twistlock integrates from build to run
  • Continued Innovation & Leadership

    The first container security platform. The first serverless security platform. The first to unify protection across the cloud native stack. Since 2015, Twistlock has defined the what why and how of securing cloud native applications.

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This report explains the value of a container security provider and reviews the current container market landscape.
Q4 2018 Forrester's Overview of 24 Container Security Vendors
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